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Imagine sneaking through the shadows as a ninja, saving civilians from bad guys, and working with these civilians to build your settlement.   If this sounds good, you’ll want to check out Waxel World!

What is the Waxel World NFT Game?

Waxel world is a pixel art play to earn game on the WAX blockchain.  The player controls an army of skilled ninjas that roam through the countryside, trying to rescue civilians.  With the civilians and ninja army, the player will build a settlement full of NFT items, resources, and professions.

We have created this article to help you better understand the game and overall gameplay.  This article will also explain the tokenomics for this project and the future roadmap so you can clearly decide if this is the right game for you.

What is the Waxel World NFT Game?

The Waxel World NFT game is one of the most anticipated play-to-earn games on the WAX blockchain.  Every game asset in the Waxel World is a player-owned NFT that can be used to grow your settlement or sold on the secondary market.

Here is a great video that walks you through the gameplay of Waxel World

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Waxel World Ninjas

There is a total of 10,000 unique ninjas in the game.  With ten different traits for each ninja, none of the ninjas are the same, which adds to the appeal of this game.

The traits include

  • Race
  • Eyes Belt
  • Accessory
  • Weapon
  • Animation
  • Head
  • Torso
  • Feet
  • Background

Each train has five different rarities, from common to Legendary.  For example, here are the different rarities of the race trait:

  • Human – Common
  • Orc – Uncommon
  • Undead – Rare
  • Elf – Epic
  • Demon – Legendary

Check out this video for a complete walkthrough of the ninjas.

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Waxel World Tokenomics

The tokenomics for Waxel world are unique, the development team is not following the traditional route of flooding the market with tokens.  Instead, the team is focusing on an NFT ecosystem for Phase 1 and will introduce a token or set of tokens down the road when it makes sense.

Since everything created in-game will be a player-owned NFT, that can be used at different phases of the game.  It creates a fun and unique economy that builds on itself. 

  1. Ninjas find Citizens
  2. Citizens turn into Professions (gathers and refiners)
  3. Gathers find Resources
  4. Refiners turn resources into Parts
  5. Multiple parts are turned into Tool
  6. Tools are used to make Professionals more efficient.

When you add that all of the above (except Ninjas) can only be used a certain amount of times, it makes the economy very efficient.

This was a very simplified description. Check out this video for more details.

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What Next for Waxel World?

Game Link – https://waxel.net/

The game launch will be the next key milestone that everyone is looking forward to.  This launch is scheduled for July 12, 2022!

After the launch, the development team will be working on movement ingame and expanding to other areas of the map.  Not much information has been provided on the different areas of the map since the team is focused on the launch.  But the team did confirm that the game will be much more than just a farming game.

I’ll update this section when the next phase is announced.


What is the Community Like?

The community for Waxel World is one of the, if not the top communities in WAX right now.  Ryu is in the discord what feels like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That’s a slight exaggeration, but it sure seems like it.

Everyone in the group is helpful and passionate about the project, which is amazing since the project is a year old and hasn’t been launched yet.  If Ryu and the team nail this launch and overall game, this community should grow significantly.

In addition to the discord, the players and team show up to events.  Just look at the next Dygycon. There will always be a group at the Waxel World stand.  So if you are looking for a strong community, this might be right for you.


Waxel World NFT Game Recap

Based on the development team, community, game concept, and potential economy, this game looks exciting and unique.  So for me, it is one of the most anticipated game launches of 2022. 

Like every other game, make sure you do your research and see if it fits what you are looking for in a play-to-earn game.

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Last Updated on 7/9/2022


Legal Disclaimer

Warrior Lion Gaming and our team are NOT operating as financial advisors, so make sure to always do your own research before jumping into any games.  You need to take responsibility for your decisions and ensure the project is right for you and your situation.  Thank you!

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