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The best WAX blockchain games span multiple genres.  They transport us to fantastical worlds, undiscovered frontiers, ninjas sneaking through the shadows, and own your virtual farm with real-worldwax-waxp-logo benefits.

New games are launching on the WAX weekly, but which ones are the best?  Which games will still be on top at the end of the year? 

These are my top projects on the Wax Blockchain for June of 2022.  

Before we jump into the list, please understand that this is my personal opinion based on gameplay, tokenomics, development team, community, and long-term vision.  This is for entertainment purposes only.  Please do your own research before jumping into any games to make sure they are right for you.

Now, let’s jump into it!


Dropped Off The List

Games drop off the top list for various reasons.  Either new games launch better features, or a glaring issue emerges with the current project.  Unfortunately for Krypton, the glaring communication problem and little interest in growing the community have become a red flag for this project.

The overall design and gameplay of Krypton Dawn of the Machine is one of the best concepts on WAX.  But the lack of communication and being offline for weeks preparing for Mission 2 has greatly impacted their following.  Values have dropped and people are exiting left and right.

Mission 2 is scheduled to launch at the end of June, so hopefully, they can turn it around.  But I have my doubts…


Top Games – Honorable Mention

These games were so close to the top list but just missed.  They will probably be on future lists when I expand in the future, so I wanted to highlight them.


Blockchain Brawlers

Blockchain Brawlers

If I had the WAX to jump into a new game that I’m not currently playing, it would be Blockchain Brawler.  The development team is connected to the team, so they are solid and here for the long run.  The graphics are unique, and there aren’t many sports or wrestling-themed games on WAX.

However, the gameplay is currently limited and more of a click-to-earn rather than a complete game.  This is the main reason it has not yet made the top list.  I know there are more gameplay features on the way, so I’m going to keep an eye on this game.

Game Link –


Million on Mars

Million on Mars

Million on Mars just missed the top 4 list this month, but it shouldn’t be overlooked.

This may be an excellent option for players looking for a play-to-earn space game that allows you to build a virtual settlement on Mars by Scavenging for resources across the Martian terrain.  Purchase land, equipment, and buildings on Mars to craft a lucrative homestead of your dreams.  Unite forces with fellow players to build settlements in the player-driven economy.

Overall the game is fun and strategy based, which is rare compared to the standard click to earn games that have overrun WAX.  It worth a look if you like this kind of genre and style of game.

Game Link –

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Top 4 Games on the WAX Blockchain For June 2022

  1. Waxel World

Waxel World

Waxel World technically doesn’t launch for another few weeks, but the great game concept, unique economy and helpful/active community helped it get onto the top list.

It is a ninja-based pixel art play-to-earn game.  The player controls an army of skilled ninjas that roam through the countryside, trying to rescue civilians.  With the civilians and ninja army, the player will build a settlement full of NFT items, resources, and professions.

Here is a link to our detailed review of Waxel World.

Game Link –

  1. Farming Tales

Farming Tales

Farming Tales is the second game I ever played on WAX and it instantly became one of my favorites. Over eight months later, and it’s still on the list.  It is undoubtedly the best farming game on Wax, and there isn’t anything even close to it.

This is a 3D NFT game that allows players to manage a virtual farm.  Grow crops, tend to livestock and turn the products into valuable goods that you can trade in New Waxchester for SEST and real-world goods.

Check out our full review of the Farming Tales NFT Game.

Game Link –

  1. Taco Universe

Taco Universe

The Taco Universe is an excellent combination of utility and gaming platforms that connects to many popular games on WAX.  If you have been on WAX for a while, you probably used or heard of the Taco app.  It is the first WAX app approved for use on iOS and Android, and it allows you to play several popular games from one convenient app.  In addition to the utility, the Taco development team has build out a gaming platform that hosts both their games and third-party games. 

The utility and gaming have made the Taco Universe ecosystem very stable compared to other projects on WAX.  They also have a solid community for support and entertainment.

If you are interested in this project, look at my full Taco Universe review.

Project Link –

  1. Metasource Castles

Metasource Castles

Castles is my top game on the WAX blockchain because of the game genre, gameplay, development team, community, and future dungeon expansion right around the corner.

The Castles game is NFT-based medieval land ownership, building wealth, influence, and glory on the WAX blockchain.  As a player, you will merge lands, build limited time wonders, and gear up your heroes to build the largest kingdom possible.

There are also regular events that keep players interested and stack on top of each other very well.

If you are looking for a medieval-style game, take a look at my Metasource Castle review.

Game Link –

Last Updated on June 9, 2022

Legal Disclaimer

Warrior Lion Gaming and our team are NOT operating as financial advisors, so make sure to always do your own research before jumping into any games.  You need to take responsibility for your own decisions and make sure the project is right for you and your situation.  Thank you!

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