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The best WAX blockchain games span multiple genres.  They transport us to fantastical worlds, undiscovered frontiers, ninjas sneaking through the shadows, and own your virtual farm with real-worldwax-waxp-logo benefits.

New games are launching on the WAX weekly, but which ones are the best?  Which games will still be on top at the end of the year?

These are my top 10 projects on the Wax Blockchain for May 2023.

Before we jump into the list, please understand that this is my personal opinion based on gameplay, entertainment, enjoyment, development team, community, and long-term vision. Not sales volume or the number of “users.”

This is for entertainment purposes only.  Please do your own research before jumping into any games to make sure they are right for you.

Now, let’s jump into it!

Games to Keep An Eye On


Afterlands is a first-person shooter that also allows you to own a lobby for crafting and building your in-game economy. The studio behind this project is well know within the VR web 2.0 and plan to develop Afterlands into a Web 3.0 VR gaming experience.

Game Website –

Inuk Studios

With the release of Mining Archetech and with key team members being involved with Farming tales, this team brings a lot of WAX experience.  They will be releasing Blockchain Chronical soon, with Eskimo Road to Nome and Octane 98 shortly after.  There are a lot of interesting things to keep an eye on for Inku Studios.

Inuk Discord –

Rogue Planet

Rogue Planet is in early development but will deliver a 3D FPS MMORPG experience that is based in the year 305 S.A.  Where humanity has expanded beyond the stars and colonized distant planets.  There is much more to come with this one, but you should keep it on your radar.

Game Website –


Here Are The Top 10 Games On The WAX Blockchain

10. Realm


Realm was once the top game on this list, but has taken a slide down recently due to the longer seasons and the grind.  But it is still one of WAX’s top resource management/strategy games.

It is a resource management game that uses NFT’s to take it to another level. Strategically put together a collection of Leaders to help restore the world back to order.  With fun seasonal events, it’s a game that’s worth checking out.

Game Website –

9. Colonize Mars

Colonize Mars

This is the first time that Colonize Mars has made the monthly top 10 list.  For the last 2 years, it was only a staking “game”.  But they recently upgraded the gaming experience and I had to add it to this month list!

Now Colonize Mars is a simulation/resource management game where you control a colony on Mars and try to help your community build, grow and survive the harsh elements.

Game Link –

8. Novopangea


Novopangea is a multiplayer strategy game that allows you to own land and build your economy using a number of different strategies.  You can be a land mogul and rent out your land or buildings.  Or build out your empire by becoming fully self-sufficient.

The art style is incredible and the detailed storyline for each realm will suck you into the game.  It’s a game worth checking out!

Game Link –

7. Wombat


Wombat isn’t just Dungeon Masters like most think, they also have the wallet, Womplay and upcoming Dungeon Worlds.  This project is a really good balance of utility and gameplay.  

I expect Dungeon Worlds to really add a new dynamic to WAX gaming with your ability to own and control a wombat dungeon.  Depending on how this is implemented, there is a good chance that Wombat will climb up the rankings.

Game Link –

6. Farming Tales

Farming Tales

Farming Tales is the second game I ever played on WAX and it instantly became one of my favorites.  Almost 2 years later, and it’s still on the list.  It is undoubtedly the best farming game on Wax, and there isn’t anything even close to it.

This is a 3D NFT game that allows players to manage a virtual farm.  Grow crops, tend to livestock and turn the products into valuable goods that you can trade in New Waxchester for SEST and real-world goods.

Check out our full review of the Farming Tales NFT Game.

Game Link –

5. FGL – Outlaw Trooper

FGL Studio

FGL Studio is currently a combination of 3 games; Outlaw Troopers, Cosmic Clash and Mecha World.  With Outlaw Troopers really being the flagship of the trio of games.

The FGL token is used in all 3 games, plus the NFTs from Cosmic Clash and Mecha World can be used in Outlaw Troopers to really boost the gameplay.  This plus the strategy aspect, make FGL a really promising studio on the WAX blockchain.

Game Link –

4. Taco Universe

Taco Universe

The Taco Universe is an excellent combination of utility and gaming platforms that connects to many popular games on WAX.  If you have been on WAX for a while, you probably used or heard of the Taco app.  It is the first WAX app approved for use on iOS and Android, and it allows you to play several popular games from one convenient app.  In addition to the utility, the Taco development team has build out a gaming platform that hosts both their games and third-party games.

The utility and gaming have made the Taco Universe ecosystem very stable compared to other projects on WAX.  They also have a solid community for support and entertainment.

If you are interested in this project, look at my full Taco Universe review.

Project Link –


3. Warsaken


Warsaken is hands down the best card strategy game on WAX. It’s popularity with Twitch streamers really shows the entertainment value of the game.

This is a face-paced, modern, military-themed deck construction game with multiple game modes and many options for deck builds.

Game Link –

2. Forged Arena

Forge Arena

Forge Arena is the king of first-person shooter games on the WAX blockchain.  With it’s recent partnership with a AAA game studio, it is primed to stay on top plus expand into web 2.0.

The Forge Arena is a 5v5 competitive tactical shooter set to bring you a whole new experience in gaming. Weapon skins can be bought/sold/traded. The game mode is unique with a mixture of search and destroy and Capture the Point. This game aims to change the genre with the next generation.

Game Link –

  1. Avalon the Game

Avalon the game

Avalon the Game (also known as Avalon the Druids) is my top game on WAX, and it isn’t even close.  Even though Avalon is still in Alpha, it provides more entertainment value and a better long-term plan than any other project.  There are some games that can compete in one or two categories, but Avalon provides the overall package.  Which is crazy since it still has months to go before Beta.

The game is a massive fantasy multiplayer game that was inspired by Assassin’s Creed and the spirit of Destiny.

Players can follow a number of different paths within the game depending on their play style.  They can team up with a guild to focus on raids or social events.  They can also become a business owner and recruit other players to help in the business.  Or you can choose to be a solo player and hunt the monster of Avalon while completing a detailed quest line.

With so many different options and a detailed road map for the next few years…  It’s hard not to pick Avalon as the top game on the WAX blockchain.

Game Link –

Last Updated on May, 8 2023

Legal Disclaimer

Warrior Lion Gaming and our team are NOT operating as financial advisors, so make sure to always do your own research before jumping into any games.  You need to take responsibility for your decisions and ensure the project is right for you and your situation.  Thank you!

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