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Imagine having the ability to play crypto games and easily swap between WAX crypto coins from your phone.  If you are not sure how to do it, you will want to check out the Taco Universe.

What is the Taco Universe?

The Taco Universe is an excellent combination of utility and gaming platform for the WAX blockchain.  The utility allows users to access popular games and exchanges from their phones.  Please, the play-to-earn games provide a stable crypto ecosystem within WAX.

We have created this article to help you better understand the platform, utility, and available games.  This article will also explain the tokenomics for this project and the future roadmap so you can clearly decide if this is the right game for you.


What is the Taco Universe?

The Taco Universe is an overall platform on the WAX blockchain that includes a utility, gaming platform, and games. 


Taco Utility

Taco Utility App is the first WAX app approved for iOS and Android stores.  It offers a lot of different features made to simplify and give rewards on your daily WAX chain actions

  • Hourly Taco Claiming
  • Token Swap Utility – This allows you to exchange tokens for different projects from the app
  • Taco Tools

The Taco tools connect Taco to many major games on the WAX blockchain, including Blockchain Brawlers, Metasource Castles, Farming Tales, and so many more.  Since most games are not userfriendly from a mobile browser, these tools make it very easy to play games from your phone.

In addition to being a convenient option for playing games, the tools include other utilities like an NFT wallet and easy access to the Alcor Exchange and Atomic Hub.  Plus other utilities that can be helpful when you are on the go.


Play to Earn Games

The Taco development team is developing their games to help promote the Taco ecosystem and gaming platform. 

Extractors and Venues are the first examples of this, they are passive, but venue owners can level up their venues to get additional benefits and higher SHING rewards.  Venues are considered the land units of the Taco universe and will play a big part in the platform’s future.

Brigade is another type of game, an hourly clicker game that uses venues level 100 to earn the SHING token.  This game is free to play to attract new players and NFT-based to give the player bonuses.

The team is in the process of developing more Taco Dungeon, Taco Run, and Taco Idle are just a few of the games that will be coming in the future.


Gaming Platform

Creating a gaming platform for third-party games is an essential part of the Taco Universe.  The team wanted to create an environment where approved 3rd party games could use the Taco ecosystem to both help jumpstart their games and provide the ecosystem with more burning mechanics and stability.

The first example of this is Taco Racer. This is 100% developed by a third-party development team but uses the Taco tokenomics to support the game.  There will be more games like this coming in the future.


Taco Universe Tokenomics

The Taco universe uses two different tokens, Taco and SHING tokens.  These are used for multiple reasons throughout the Taco Universe, utility, and games.


Taco Token

The TACO Token is the main currency for the Taco project.  This Token has multiple purposes:

  • Upgrade Venues
  • Used to purchase Taco Tools
  • Taco Lotteries
  • Taco shop

There are a few ways that you can earn the taco token:

  • Hourly claim through the Taco Utility app
  • Converting Taco ingredients
  • Taco Tuesday – If you own specific Taco NFTs
  • Through exchanges or liquidity pools


The SHING token is a vital coin within the Taco Universe. It’s essential to play, unlock utilities, recharge stamina, craft elements, get bonuses, and much more related to Taco universe and games.

Players can earn the SHING token primarily within the Taco games and universe.

  • Extractors generate passive SHING
  • Venues – also generated passively at a lower rate
  • By playing Brigade and other games on the Taco platform
  • Also, through exchanges or liquidity pools

ONI Token

The Oni token was just introduced recently to be the main coin used to access games on the Taco gaming platform.  

Currently, there are two ways to earn the token:

  • Through staking SHING and TACO at a 10,000 to 1 ratio.  This will cover 80% of the daily Oni pool.
  • Owning and leveling venues, 20% of the daily distribution will come from here

Oni will be airdropped once per day to people that have either of the above, in addition, you will need an Oni Collector to be able to collect the coins


What is the Gameplay Like?

Taco Platform Link – https://tacocrypto.io/

Here is a great video to show you how the platform looks and the overall utility.

YouTube player


What does the Taco Universe Roadmap Look Like?

The development team is regularly putting out new utilities and content.

Here are a few of the upcoming items on the roadmap:

  • More Venue Benefits and Features – As venues are leveled up, more and more features will be unlocked.  For example; staking rewards, ingredients reroll, dungeon portal, and laboratory
  • More Games – additional taco team-developed games are planned for the next year
  • Third-Party Games – Just like Taco Racer, more 3rd party games will be added to the platform

These are just the announced plans, but I feel there will be a lot more.  The team is constantly working on collaborations and other features.


What is the Community Like?

The Taco community is one of the best on the WAX blockchain.  The discord is VERY active, and they are often running events.  Some fun events include collab giveaways/sales and random airdrop parties where they give away WAX, Taco, and SHING.

The platform is also designed to be collaborative between community members through the venues.


Taco Universe Utility and Game Recap

The Taco Universe will be a stable of the Wax blockchain for a long time to come.  The utility does a great job of teaming up with other great projects and games, and the Taco developed and third-party games have built one of the more stable ecosystems on the blockchain. 

This project is worth a look if you are looking for a new project. Just make sure you do your own research to see if it’s right for you.


Last Updated on 7/9/2022


Legal Disclaimer

Warrior Lion Gaming and our team are NOT operating as financial advisors, so make sure to always do your own research before jumping into any games.  You need to take responsibility for your own decisions and make sure the project is right for you and your situation.  Thank you!

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