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The Taco Studio is an excellent combination of utility and gaming platforms that connects to many popular games on WAX.  If you have been on WAX for a while, you probably used or heard of the Taco app.  It is the first WAX app approved for use on iOS and Android, and it allows you to play several popular games from one convenient app.  In addition to the utility, the Taco development team has build out a gaming platform that hosts both their games and third-party games.

The utility and gaming have made the Taco Universe ecosystem very stable compared to other projects on WAX.  They also have a solid community for support and entertainment.


  • Blockchain – WAX
  • Genre – Utility
  • Platform – Web – Browser Based
  • Mobile Friendly? – Yes – Mobile App Available
  • Launch Date – 
  • Taco Universe Website – https://app.tacocrypto.io/

Below are all of the beginner guides that you will need to get started:

Taco studio Beginner Guides

Warrior Lion Gaming and our team are NOT operating as financial advisors, so make sure to always do your own research before jumping into any games.  You need to take responsibility for your own decisions and make sure the project is right for you and your situation.  Thank you!

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