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Sunflower Land is the top farm-themed play-to-earn game on the Polygon Blockchain.  The game’s goal is to farm, chop, mine, fish, cook, craft, and expand your island.  

If you love resource management games, this is the game for you!


Sunflower Lands Game Details:

  • Blockchain – Polygon
  • Genre – Farming
  • Platform – Web – Browser Based
  • Mobile Friendly? – No
  • Sunflower Lands Website


Game Features:

  • Farming: Players can farm crops, harvest resources, and build unique landscapes to create a fully customized farming experience.
  • Cooking: Players can cook food in their kitchens, create new recipes, and sell their goods to other players for SFL tokens.
  • Crafting: Players can use the resources they gather to craft tools, equipment, and furniture to expand their farms and make them more efficient.
  • Quests: Players can undertake quests to earn rewards and unlock new features, including unique items and pets.
  • Blockchain Technology: Sunflower Land uses the transparency and security of Polygon’s blockchain technology to ensure that players truly own their in-game assets and are part of a community where they can interact with other players.
  • Trading and Selling: Players can trade and sell their resources, items, and goods to other players on an open marketplace, creating a unique and vibrant economy within the game.
  • Community Features: Sunflower Land supports a vibrant and growing community where players can interact with each other live chat, forums, and other social sharing features.
  • Evolving Game World: The game constantly evolves with new features and updates to keep players engaged and excited.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Sunflower Land is browser-based and available across multiple platforms including Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet; making it accessible to a large audience of gamers.

Below are all of the beginner guides that you will need to get started:

Sunflower Lands Beginner Guides

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