SaaR NFT Game Review

SaaR NFT Game Review

Yetis and crypto is a duo you may have never known you needed!

The crypto gaming space is slowly proving to be an unbeatable force as Q2 of 2022 gets into gear.

With over $2 billion worth of investments made by gamers in Q1, more and more titles are gaining more support and exposure.

SaaR has just done that. This new NFT video game is here for the long ride with a solid fanbase and quirky gameplay.

What is the SaaR NFT Game?

SaaR is a ‘Play-to-Earn’ NFT game set in a land called ‘Armanda’. Living on this land were four different races of Yetis, and what makes them different is the resources that they produce.SaaR NFT Game

At one point, the Yetis lived in harmony as they dispersed to different areas of Armanda. Due to a lack of resources going into the future, the Yetis soon ended up at war. It is your role to keep the peace amongst the Yetis. Protect your land from potential invasions as you mine resources to upgrade your own space and grow your army of Yetis.

SaaR has a similar play style to more mainstream titles such as Clash Of Clans, the popular mobile city builder. If you are familiar with NFT game titles, this title is similar to the popular NFT title ‘Goldmand’. This game is hosted on the Wax Blockchain and requires you to have at least one Yeti to start.

SaaR Crypto Gameplay

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This game has three main elements to its gameplay. They are mining, crafting, and land ownership. When mining, you are able to use your Yetis to mine resources, and this happens on a 1-hour cycle. Your Yetis use stamina that is retrieved from inactivity. There are four types of resources called Spirit, Wood, Green Energy & Millirium.

Crafting is another main gameplay feature in this game. Players can make their own limited amounts of Yetis & Amulet, using energy replenished through inactivity or spending tokens.

Thirdly, SaaR’s allows you to own land. Use land to build more villages that other gamers can use. Each village can hold 18 Yetis and uses Cabins & Altars, so upgrades can be made over time.

SaaR offers purchasable NFTs. They come in the form of 3 types of playable Yetis, Amulets, Land & 4 types of Magic Bricks. These are obtained through opening in-game packs or being bought from the secondary for WAX Token. Owning land entitles you to use the Commission Pool, where resources can be mined.

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Does SaaR Have In-Game Tokens?

Yes, multiple tokens within SaaR hold multiple purposes. They are as follows:

SRE (SaaR Energy Token)

  • 1 million Total Supply
  • Regains your Yeti’s stamina
  • Obtained through exchanging the resource Green Energy for the token

SRM (SaaR Millirium Token)

  • 100 million Total Supply
  • This token is used to restore the durability of instruments your Yetis use
  • Obtained through exchanging the resource Millirium for the token

SRW (SaaR Wood Token)

  • 100 million tokens in total
  • This token restores the durability of one of your Yeti’s tools
  • Obtained through exchanging the resource wood for the token

SRS (SaaR Spirit Token)

  • 1 million tokens in total
  • This token automates in-game processes such as resource extraction and expands the amount of stamina your Yeti
  • Obtained through token through stake amulets, stake Yetis & exchange the resource Spirit for the token

All of the above tokens are purchasable from the Alcor Exchange and are used to craft for crafting purposes. Alcor is a decentralized exchange that supports the Wax Blockchain.

The SaaR NFT Online Community

At the time of writing, SaaR has a very good fanbase! There are over 13k Twitter followers and 12.8k users on the Discord server. Players are also actively buying NFT collectibles on, the NFT marketplace for the Wax Blockchain.

For many crypto and NFT projects having a solid community on Discord can positively affect its lifespan. The Discord server is very active, having specific servers for players that meet certain criteria, such as early players and holders of Yetis and/or Land. There are also giveaways within the community, showing a sense of inclusivity for those involved!

What Is Next For The SaaR Crypto Game?

SaaR as a project has been active for under a year, with the title being announced in Q4 of 2021. A roadmap has been produced showcasing the upcoming updates. Last month saw the open and closed BETAs becoming available. As we advance into 2022 the essential events are as follows:

Land Packs

Access to Land Packs allows you to gain more Yetis, increasing the power of your village in-game. Coming in the form of ‘Land’ & ‘Megaland’, depending on the rarity, you are able to have more percentage in the ‘Commission Pool’.

Official Game Release

Q3 of 2022 will see the full title being released. This project has efficiently moved along its timeline, with the Open BETA only just closing back in May 2022.

Advanced Game Mechanics

Commission Pools will become readily available for gamers, giving you more ways to play and earn in this title. Furthermore, players can look forward to character & story progression as you delve deeper into SaaR’s storyboard.

The fast turnaround for the game’s updates is great, especially for those actively engaging with the community and gameplay features.

The SaaR NFT Game Recap

Overall, SaaR looks to be appealing within the crypto/NFT gaming space. With a bustling community of players and investors and solid gameplay mechanics and backstory, this new title has a lot of potential. Moreover, the art and gameplay styles will be familiar to new gamers in the space. Only requiring one Yeti to get started allows accessibility also, something many crypto game titles lack. With Wax Blockchain’s cutting-edge technology this title should be on your radar in 2022.

Be sure to follow SaaR on social media and join Discord to keep up to date with new updates for this fresh title! If this is your first time exposed to crypto games and NFT, we advise you to do research on this subject as markets historically show high volatility!

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Last Updated on June 18, 2022

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