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Outlaw Troopers is a space-themed play-to-earn game on the WAX Blockchain.  You send your troops on missions and encounters to collect credits, gear, ore and other rewards that can be used to build your empire.

This is not just another clicker game; encounters provide skill-based gameplay on the battlefield to help you get more powerful rewards.

It has a great integration with the other FGL games, where you can use the NFTs from Cosmic Clash and Mecha World to give you an advantage in the game.

Outlaw Troopers Details:

  • Avalon the Game Websitehttps://www.outlawtroopers.io/
  • Blockchain – WAX
  • Genre – Space Strategy
  • Platform – Web
  • Mobile Friendly? – No
  • Launch Date – Mid 2022
  • Free To Play – No
  • PvP – Yes – New
  • Season Based – Yes

Game Studio – FGL

Established in 2007, Lucrative Gaming, also known as “FGL,” has played a pivotal role in connecting web and mobile games with a global audience numbering in the billions. Collaborating with more than 70,000 developers across both platforms, FGL possesses extensive expertise in crafting games that are enjoyable and triumph in the competitive landscape of web and mobile gaming.

Boasting a decade-long presence in the gaming industry, FGL has:

  • Secured spots for over 50 games in various top ten charts on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Engaged with a diverse portfolio of over 100,000 web games utilizing technologies such as Flash, HTML5, and others.
  • Pioneered GamerSafe, the inaugural universal in-game microtransaction system for web gaming, which garnered usage from millions of gamers.

The Story and Gameplay

Outlaw Troopers: A Unique WAX Blockchain Adventure with FGL Token Integration

Embark on thrilling play-and-own escapades in the latest Outlaw Troopers game, exclusively on the WAX blockchain, utilizing the innovative FGL token.

Missions that Matter:

  • Send your troopers on daring missions to amass credits, gears, and precious ore.
  • Conquer perilous encounters, climb the leaderboard, and seize substantial prizes to establish your Outlaw Empire’s dominance.

Building Empires, One Mission at a Time:

  • Strategize and build the most powerful Outlaw Empire in the virtual realm.
  • Engage in heist missions to stockpile credits and hijacking operations to plunder ore from transporter ships—your decisions shape the destiny of your troopers.

Choose Your Vessel Wisely:

  • Select the optimal ship for each mission to maximize efficiency.
  • Unlock the full potential of your troopers by upgrading to ships from the renowned Cosmic Clash game.

Gearing Up for Success:

  • Collect and craft powerful gears to enhance mission outcomes.
  • Apply grunt gears to boost cargo capacity, reduce mission costs, and more for superior results.
  • Elevate encounters with tactician gears, reinforcing shields, armor, and weapon power.
  • Explore the vast array of power gears for special abilities—summon a wingman, gain temporary immunity, and much more!

Conquer Dangerous Encounters:

  • Level up your trooper and upgrade your ship with formidable gears to prepare for challenging encounters.
  • Engage in real-time combat instances featuring diverse game mechanics, from prison breaks and boss battles to tower defense scenarios.


Key Features

Here are just a few of the features that make Outlaw Troopers one of the most unique web 3.0 games available:

  • Unique strategy
  • Resource management
  • Send Troopers on Missions
  • Battle Through Challenging Encounters
  • Expand Your Empire
  • Auto-battler
  • PvP Arena
  • Plus much more!


Connection to Other Games

Outlaw Troopers is also closely connected to the other FGL games, including Cosmic Clash, Mecha World and Machiavellic.

Cosmic Clash

Players can use their Cosmic Clash NFTs in the Outlaw Troopers game.  Each ship gives players an additional ship within the game to send their troopers out on.  These ships also have production bonuses during missions to help your troopers become more productive.

Mecha World

Outlaw Troopers players can use the Mechas from Mecha World in the game to give them additional miners when harvesting lifeforce from planets


Machiavellic is still in development, but there is an Outlay Troopers faction within the game, with the chance of tying it back to the OT game.

Additional Collaborations

FGL team often runs collaborations events with other projects.

Next Up for Outlaw Troopers

Outlaw Troopers recently added to significant areas to the game, adding a ton of new features for players.  

Into the Abyss

This new part of the game replaces the grindy robotic encounters.  It brings a number of features to the game including Biocrafting, auto-battler PvE, Hunting missions and Arena style PvP.  Plus another avenue for seasonal rewards.

Outlaw Troopers

Defeat the Orbitron

This is a temporary 12-24 hour event that allows players to team up with the community to take down the Orbitron and his missions.  The is a competitive and fast paced game that involves a lot of strategy and teamwork.  There have also been great prizes awarded to the top contributors in the past.

New Seasons

Every new season comes with feature additions, improvements and other great things

Outlaw Troopers Beginner Guides

If you would like to learn more about Avalon the Game or need videos to help you get started, Check out our full catalog of Beginner Guides and Game Updates for Outlaw Troopers!


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