Outlaw Troopers
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Outlaw Troopers is a space-themed play-to-earn game on the WAX Blockchain.  You end your troops on missions and encounters to collect credits, gear, ore and other rewards that can be used to build your empire.

This is not just another clicker game; encounters provide skill base gameplay on the battlefield to help you get more powerful rewards.

It has a great integration with the other FGL games, where you can use the NFTs from Cosmic Clash and Mecha World to give you an advantage in the game.


Outlaw Troopers Game Details:

  • Blockchain – WAX
  • Company (Studio) – FGL
  • Genre – Space
  • Platform – Web – Browser Based
  • Mobile Friendly? – No
  • Launch Date – 
  • Outlaw Troopers Websitehttps://www.outlawtroopers.io/

Below are all of the beginner guides that you will need to get started:

Outlaw Troopers Beginner Guides

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