Novopangea Beginner Guides
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Beginner Guides Wax Blockchain

Novopangea is a multiplayer strategy game on the WAX blockchain that allows you to own land and build your economy using a number of different strategies.  Where six realms; Light, Shadow, Space, Time, Earth, and Water need to live in harmony to continue to thrive.

Novopangea Game Details:

  • Novopangea Website
  • Blockchain – WAX
  • Genre – Fantasy Strategy
  • Platform – Web
  • Mobile Friendly? – Mostly
  • Launch Date – Early 2022
  • Free To Play – No
  • PvP – Soon

Below are all of the beginner guides that you will need to get started:

Novopangea Beginner Guides

Warrior Lion Gaming and our team are NOT operating as financial advisors, so make sure to always do your own research before jumping into any games.  You need to take responsibility for your own decisions and make sure the project is right for you and your situation.  Thank you!

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