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Did you ever dream of owning your virtual farm with real-life benefits?  If so, you will want to check out the play to earn Farming Tales game on the WAX Blockchain.

What is the Farming Tales NFT Game?

The Farming Tale game is a 3D NFT game that allows players to manage a virtual farm on the WAX blockchain.  Grow crops, tend to livestock and turn the products into valuable goods that you can trade in New Waxchester for SEST and real-world goods!

We have created this article to help you better understand the game and overall gameplay of Farming tales.  This article will also explain the tokenomics for this project and the future roadmap so you can clearly decide if this is the right game for you.


What is The Farming Tales NFT Game?

The Farming Tales 3D Game aims to offer its players a new NFT-based play to earn gaming experience.  Each player will be able to get his farm, which he will have to grow and improve thanks to the use of NFTs, which represent the various pieces and assets of his property.

Farming Tales has the following features:

  • Virtual farming ecosystem
  • Manage various farming animals and crops
  • 3d interactive environment
  • Real-world products and rewards
  • Coming Soon – Product system to produce valuable products from your crops
  • Coming Soon – Multiplier town with activities and events

This isn’t just the game. They also have a very active community and a team that is focused on the long-term approach to the game


Farming Tales Tokenomics

The current state of Farming Tales has two active tokens; SEST and CBIT.  A third token (LIRA) is the key governance token in the New Waxchester expansion.



SEST is the primary coin in Farming Tales used for staking and purchasing all in-game assets, and it is also being used on Nefty for all new NFT drops like the latest pets and other legendary buildings.

This token is earned through tending to a player’s crops and animal production.



With any farm, you need to feed your animals and water your gardens.  This is where the CBIT token comes into play, and CBIT is primarily used to refill your Silo and Water towers. 

CBIT is airdropped into a player’s account twice a day depending on the amount of SEST the player has stacked in the game.  The CBIT available in the pool is static, so the more SEST staked, the less CBIT the players receive.  So it’s essential to balance your staking, so you have enough resources to feed your farm.



LIRA is the governance token that will be important in New Waxchester so the community can help influence the game’s direction.  It is earned weekly depending on the amount of SEST that you have staked in-game.


Key Burning Mechanics

The Farming Tales game has several burning mechanics essential for a stable economy.

  • Purchasing New Drops – The Farming Tales team moved away from selling new drops for WAX and now sells them for SEST and burns the tokens after the sale.
  • Refilling Silos and Water Towers – CBIT is burned every time you need to replenish these buildings
  • More Coming – The New Waxchester expansion will introduce many new mechanics


What is the Gameplay Like?

Game Link –

Currently, Farming Tales is a single-location 3D game that focuses on your frame.  You can build out your stables, gardens, and other buildings, plus interact with your pets.  Here is a great video to show you how the game looks and the overall gameplay.


YouTube player


What does the Farming Tales Roadmap Look Like?

Farming Tales has several big updates coming soon that will change the overall gameplay and move it from a click-to-earn game to a multiplayer metaverse.

Product System

Currently, the only reward you receive when tending to your farm is the token SEST.  This makes the game one dimension in the current state.  The development team is in the process of building out a complete product system, so geese provide eggs, cows provide milk, and so on

These products can then be taken to New Waxchester to produce valuable goods that can either be sold for SEST or used for events and other activities.

New Waxhchester

The New Waxchester expansion adds a multiplayer town to the Farming Tales game.  This includes unique buildings that refine and produce products.  A town hall, tavern, bank for multiplayer events, and the first 3d multiverse town on the WAX blockchain.

Here is a video that walks you through New Waxchester:


YouTube player


What is the Community Like?

The Farming Tale community is active and helpful, with the development team and mods regularly jumping onto the discord to talk to players.  The team also has regular AMAs and events to keep players updated on current and upcoming activities.


Farming Tales NFT Game Recap

Farming Tales is the best farming game on the WAX Blockchain, and it combines the 3d gameplay with real-world products.  The project team owns their farm, so the game is built on their personal experience, which makes it feel more authentic than other games.

Plus upcoming New Waxchester update will give the game a multiplier metaverse area that all other NFT farming games are missing.  The development team is experienced and active in the community. 

So this would be a great game to take a look at if you like this style of game.

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Last Updated on June 12, 2022


Legal Disclaimer

Warrior Lion Gaming and our team are NOT operating as financial advisors, so make sure to always do your own research before jumping into any games.  You need to take responsibility for your own decisions and make sure the project is right for you and your situation.  Thank you!

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