Avalon The Game

Avalon the game

Avalon the Game (also known as Avalon the Druids) is my top game on WAX, and it isn’t even close.  Even though Avalon is still in Alpha, it provides more entertainment value and a better long-term plan than any other project.  There are some games that can compete in one or two categories, but Avalon provides the overall package.  Which is crazy since it still has months to go before Beta.

The game is a massive fantasy multiplayer game that was inspired by Assassin’s Creed and the spirit of Destiny.

Players can follow a number of different paths within the game depending on their play style.  They can team up with a guild to focus on raids or social events.  They can also become a business owner and recruit other players to help in the business.  Or you can choose to be a solo player and hunt the monster of Avalon while completing a detailed quest line.

With so many different options and a detailed road map for the next few years…  It’s hard not to pick Avalon as the top game on the WAX blockchain.

Avalon the Game Details:

  • Blockchain – WAX and Polygon
  • Genre – Fantasy MMORPG
  • Platform – Client – Windows
  • Mobile Friendly? – No
  • Launch Date – December 2022 (Alpha)
  • Avalon the Game Websitehttps://www.avalonthegame.com/

Avalon The Game Beginner Guides and Videos

Also check out these videos that we partnered up with Avalon to make!

This covers the beginner basics of Avalon:

YouTube player

This one continues to walk through the basics, but with a little more advanced items

YouTube player

This video covers multiplayer battles and flying mounts!

YouTube player

Legal Disclaimer

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