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Avalon the Game (also known as Avalon the Druids) is my top game on WAX, and it isn’t even close.  Even though Avalon is still in Alpha, it provides more entertainment value and a better long-term plan than any other project.  Some games can compete in one or two categories, but Avalon provides the overall package.  Which is crazy since it still has months to go before Beta.

The game is a massive fantasy multiplayer game that was inspired by Assassin’s Creed and the spirit of Destiny.

Avalon the Game Details:

  • Avalon the Game Websitehttps://avalongame.io/
  • Blockchain – WAX, Polygon, Binance, Immutable X
  • Genre – Fantasy MMORPG
  • Platform – Client – Windows
  • Mobile Friendly? – Soon
  • Launch Date – December 2022 (Alpha)
  • Free To Play – No
  • PvP – Yes

Game Studio – Danu Games

Danu Games is a gaming studio based out of California, but it has developers and support throughout the world.  There games allow players to take on educational adventures, players can own and resell their in-game assets.

Currently, they are focused on developing Avalon the Game, but are also planning a second game called Gods of Orion that is based on Egyptian mythology.

Key Team Members include:

  • Marius – Owner of Danu Games
  • Leonardo Furore – Music – experience with Final Fantasy XV and Blade Runner 2049
  • Justin Sloan – Storyline/Lore – past experience with Game of  Thrones – The Game
  • Ivan Volchenko – Chief Environment Designer
  • Freddy Silva – Templar Storyline Advisor – World’s leading researcher of alternative history and  ancient knowledge
  • Dimitri Nikolaros – Blockchain Integration Advisor – Co-Founder of Bountyblok.io, expert in cross-chain integration

The Story and Gameplay

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Avalon, where we’re on a quest to weave the most captivating tales in the gaming universe! Picture this: you, the player, are at the helm, with the power to embark on a solo adventure or team up with five fellow gamers for epic multiplayer raids. But that’s not all – in our world, you can own a variety of in-game NFTs, from characters and lands to buildings, ships, and raids, adding a unique touch to your gaming journey.

Avalon: The Game is our masterpiece, crafted using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4 and 5 to ensure an unparalleled gaming experience. And for our Oculus and Windows-based VR enthusiasts, get ready to dive headfirst into immersive VR environments that bring your NFTs to life, showcasing intricate designs of interiors and surroundings.

At the heart of Danu Games is a commitment to community-driven game design. This fantasy world is not just a playground; it’s a sanctuary where players can unwind, forge new friendships, and embark on exciting adventures. Plus, brace yourself for a scholarship program, opening doors for players to experience Avalon in a limited free-to-play browser version.

Community Driven Design

The power is in your hands! Community votes shape our journey, and guilds can shape their kingdoms from the ground up. A community-elected kingdom leader earns a coveted seat at the Round Table, influencing future expansions and aiding in the governance of the realms.

So, join us on this thrilling odyssey, as we invite you to immerse yourself in the mystical wonders of Avalon – a world where magic, community, and endless possibilities await!

Key Features

Here are just a few of the features that make Avalon the Game one of the most unique web 3.0 games:

  • They are the first multichain Fantasy MMORPG games in web 3 available on WAX, Polygon, Binance and IMX
  • Raid – Multi-player teams can participate in raids for the chance to earn NFTs, Resources, Matic, or WAX tokens
  • Questing – Players are able to participate in unique story based quests that provide requests that help your character level up, resource allocations, and lower-level collectible NFTs.
  • Land Ownership – Land and building owners can earn passive and active income. For example, an automated tax collection system enables landlords to earn on local area transactions. Building owners can profit from hosting guests, breeding horses, selling goods, and creating NFTs
  • Land and Flying Mounts – Players have the opportunity to get mounts ingame, including fire/ice breathing dragons that can battle in the sky
  • Limited time events for special gear and NFTs
  • Compatible with Xbox and other controllers for improved gameplay
  • Plus many more features!

Next Up for Avalon the Game

Avalon the Game is currently in Alpha, allowing players to explore, raid, quest and level up on the first island of the game.

In Early 2024, Beta will be released, which will be available on Unreal 5 and include new islands for players to explore and concur!

Upgrading from Unreal 4 (alpha) to Unreal 5 includes a huge array of benefits from improved graphics, weather features, better gameplay mechanics and a ton of other features!

In addition to the release of Beta and all of the additional features.  The Danu Team will be releasing the AVL token as some point in 2024.

Also in the future, the team plans the following additions:

  • Release on Epic Games
  • Streamable gameplay option to allow player to play on a browser
  • Support additional blockchains
  • Upgraded PvP arena and tournaments
  • Potential release on Xbox, Nintendo and other platforms

Avalon the Game Beginner Guides

If you would like to learn more about Avalon the Game or need videos to help you get started, Check out our full catalog of Beginner Guides and Game Updates for Avalon!

Warrior Lion Gaming Rating of Avalon

Overall we rate Avalon the Game as one of the top Web 3.0 games available with a rate of 90.2 with the potential to go even higher.

Even though the game is only in Alpha, it contains more entertainment value that most other fully released games on Web 3.  With a several-year detailed roadmap in place that will have it compete with most AAA traditional games.  The community is strong and growing fast as people start to realize the potential of the game.  The Danu team is also very engaged, experienced, and quick at developing new and engaging content.

The biggest concern that I see with the game is the cost of entry, but the Danu Team has released 7-day and 30-day passes as part of Alpha to help players test out the game.  Plus, any players that are active with the 30-day pass can earn a character that will give them full access to Beta and the full release of the game.

There is currently no free-to-play option for players, but in the future, there will be a small amount of limited scholarships available.  They will be available for Temple and Forge owners to distribute.

As I mentioned, I think Avalon the game is one of the top games in Web 3.0 with huge potential.  It’s worth taking a closer look, but as always make sure it’s the right situation for you.

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