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Many farming games may be boring, with the gaming niche being oversaturated. However, when placing crypto/play to earn elements into a game, there is always room for an interesting result. That is the case with this title, Age of Farming, the blockchain video you may not be aware of.

Coming from a humble start and with captivating concepts, Age of Farming is a blast from the past. Read on to find out more about this title!


What Is the Age of Farming NFT Game?

Age of Farming is a crypto game on the Wax Blockchain. It features retro-style 8-bit graphics, reminiscent of the 90s. This title comes from a fresh team scattered around the European country of Romania.

This is a farming-style game that sees the player build and develop a colony. The game is set out into the five historical ages, and each age is then set out into the four seasons.

As you play through the Age of Farming, your colony becomes stronger, and enabling the increase in strength is granted by each new historical age’s advancements in technology. Due to this, we advise playing as much as possible due to the game-changing functionalities at some points.


What Is The Gameplay Like?

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As mentioned, the gameplay and graphics are in an 8-bit style, and they are not triple-A standards, but the simplicity works well for the game. Players are engaged through the in-game season changes and updates to items used in the game.

Within the Age of Farming there are three ways to mine for resources. They are mining (ores), hunting (food & leather), and logging (wood).

To replenish health and energy, players must cook their meat acquired in-game. Giving the game more edge as you are required to keep on track of your state.



There are also NFT collectibles that are usable in-game. They come in the form of 3 different types of tools. The tools in Age of Farming are:

  • Stone Axe

Age of Farming Stone Axe

  • Stone Pickaxe

Age of Farming Pickaxe

  • Stone Spear

Age of Farming Spear

Screenshots are taken from the official Whitepaper. They are providing information on crafting each type of tool.

Each NFT collectible is available in 5 different rarities and they are Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary. The higher the rarity, the better the rewards when mining provides more engaging gameplay content for users.

In your town, it is essential to have active villagers in your area. Thanks to the ‘Housing System’ in AoF. There are restrictions to the amount of them you can have in your colony, divided by the House rooms.

NFTs are craftable in-game or can be purchased on the ‘Atomic Hub’ and ‘Nefty Blocks” NFT marketplace. Find the official collection page here & here!

This game also has a PvP element, where players can face off against other players’ colonies. You are rewarded with resources that can then be used to improve your village.

Due to the project’s age, there are still many updates to come in terms of gameplay and performance. Read on to find out what the developers have announced for AoF!


What Are The Seasons In the Age of Farming?

Like many farming games, Age of Farming has in-game seasons that change gameplay. In some cases, it can aid you in your journey, and in other times it may be in vain.


Resource mining is done at a steady pace this season. There is no need to change your villagers’ clothing in this season.


This season provides more resources for in-game use. You must dress your villagers appropriately.


Resources come in at an average pace. Your villagers do not need their clothes changing for this season.


This season provides fewer resources than usual. Prepare your villagers correctly for the cold weather.


The Different ‘Ages’ Found In the Age Of Farming

As briefly mentioned above, there are a total of 5 ages that you play through in the game. These ages mirror the historical ages you may have learned about in History class.

The ages are as follows:

Mesolithic Age

The current age that is active in the game is the ‘Mesolithic Age’. In this age, it is cold, and players can craft, and have tents for their villagers and your way of hunting is through your bow and hunting dog. Stone tools and weapons are available, along with the ability to craft.

Neolithic Age

At this age, you can grow different plants, care for animals, have seasonal clothing and protect your colony.

Copper Age

In the Copper Age you can craft tools from copper and economies are built through the newfound demand for home furnishings. You can also obtain horse and carriages and brew your own alcohol to please the population of your colony.

Bronze Age

In this age, you are able to craft Bronze tools. This age brings forward new structures such as temples and advanced defense systems. Hierarchies are formed within your colony by introducing the ‘Ruling Elite’.

Iron Age

Iron can be used to make your tools and weapons-making combat more interesting later in the game’s life. PVP IS introduced into this age, and your craftsmanship is also maximized opening new doors for creation.


Age Of Farming Tokenomics

The tokens used in Age of Farming are very interactive with the actual game, allowing players to upgrade their game in terms of in-game abilities.

In total, there are three tokens used in the game. They are:

Wood (AOFW)

Wood is used primarily as a resource to produce tools and structures. To obtain the wood you must instruct your villagers to cut down trees in the woods with an axe.

Stone (AOFS)

As well as using stone to create tools and structures, stone can be used for repairs in your colony. This resource is obtainable in the mountains by using a pickaxe.

Food (AOFF)

Using this token in-game, you can feed the villagers you have housed in your game. Feeding your villagers allows them to go out and source in-game tokens and compete in the PvP gameplay,

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What Is The Game’s Community Like?

Age of Farming has a thriving community, and they primarily spread themselves over Twitter and Discord. With 5384 followers on Twitter, their followers engage moderately well with their content, with contests being held on Twitter for NFTs and other game add-ons.

Their Discord community is surprisingly nearly over twice the size of that found on Twitter, with over 11,141 members and hundreds of active users a day. Evidently, there is a strong backing for this title from the given stats.

Many of the NFTs listed on the secondary market can cost you a couple hundred all the way into the thousands. This shows how serious the economy is for the game currently.


What’s Next For the Age of Farming?

When considering the information presented about the game’s current state, we must then divert our attention to the roadmap. This is provided via their website.

With active players and their plans set in stone for gameplay updates, many would be led to believe this title is here to stay.

Players will be able to experience the new seasons and ages throughout history. Noted gameplay updates create a truly captivating experience for those playing.

Overall, Age of Farming looks like a really promising play-to-earn title this year. With humble beginnings and a solid roadmap, this may not be the last time you read about Age of Farming!

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Last Updated on June 24, 2022


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